StoryBox: Sending Books to Kids

We’re partnering with the Westerville Education Foundation to prevent “summer slide” by providing a box of free new books to every student in K-3 who is recommended for summer intervention with Westerville City Schools. 

The idea is simple…

1. StoryBox Reader Sponsors: Community members sponsor a reader for $25 or a group of readers, if they are able. The sponsorship puts new, free books directly in the hands of kids. 

2. Students Receive the StoryBox: Reader sponsorships enable a box of 4 new (and leveled appropriately for that reader) books to be sent to each student’s home. The student keeps and enjoys the books. All K-3 students recommended for summer intervention with Westerville City Schools receive a StoryBox in the program in summer 2020. Each StoryBox contains 4 new books, a bookmark, and a notecard telling the family about the program and where to access the StoryBox Video Library.

3. StoryBox Video Library: The student receives access to the online StoryBox Video Library of guest readers who are demonstrating the reading of the books that student has received in their StoryBox. That way students can read along with the guest readers. Student can also access the entire video library of our guests reading all the books sent out in the program. Even if they don’t have that book in hand, they can still enjoy a virtual storytime reading!

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