Starry Night Family Learning Festival

SN16 LOGOMark your calendars! Starry Night will be on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at Westerville NORTH from 2-6 pm. 

Selected Activities Include:

Learn about Medical Research and Activities with 10 Nationwide Children’s Departments
Practice medical and dental skills
Meet animal ambassadors and insects
Work a loom, spin some yarn, and sew
Use tools to work with wood and clay
Experience Music
Build an Electric Guitar
Learn some Recipes
Make a community tree
Do Drama
Work with artists
Make LED spark art
Make aluminum rods SING
Draw with a Drawbot and an Egg Bot (Robots)
Learn origami and make origami based robot grippers
See the difference between Virtual & Mixed Reality
Explore Sweets with Otterbein Biochemistry
Build some electronic circuits
Explore the Antarctic
Learn to use a telescope
Learn about HAM radio and communicate around the world
Borrow some seeds from the Library
Plan a garden & Learn about plant science
Fix a power line
See and do some serious LEGO
Create some Code
Build a fractal pyramid
Make and record an earthquake
Control Robots
Run science experiments
Compete with Robots
See Sunspots
Learn how sailors navigate
Run LEGO Robots
Learn about Competition Robots
Make some soft robots
Citizen Science – Study Hummingbirds
Citizen Science – Collect Westerville’s trees and put them on the map
Citizen Science – Mad Scientists – Environmental Monitoring
Citizen Science – What is your Reaction Time
Citizen Science – Discover new medicines from DIRT
Citizen Science – Explore art with artificial intelligence?
Citizen Science – Map Noise Pollution

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