School Partnerships and Support

A big part of our mission is connecting schools with organizations to support education. We build relationships and cultivate partnerships with organizations and businesses in support of our schools. When we can help make those connections on behalf of our schools, everyone wins.

Ohio State University Computer Science Department + Blendon Middle School Science

WPE board members met with the science teachers at Blendon to learn about how we could help support the spring curriculum. We identified a need for additional circuitry support.  WPE reached out to the Ohio State University’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. The Department was excited to come put on a pair of workshops at Starry Night 2014. WPE inquired if they also would be interested in coming into a classroom to demonstrate circuitry. OSU’s team was enthusiastic. WPE sent the contact information to the Blendon Middle School science teacher, who scheduled the visit immediately.

Walnut Springs Career Day

WPE reached out to organization leaders from Starry Night 2013 to invite them to present at Walnut Springs Careeer & College Readiness Day. This effort was able to add Biochemists from Otterbein, an Exhibit Designer from Wexner Center for the Arts, the Program Manager for Nationwide Children’s Close to Home, and Inniswood Educators to the event. These unique professionals contributed their expertise to the event at Walnut Springs.

Columbus Astronomical Society and Walnut Springs 

We are currently working to establish a Junior Astronomers’ Club at Walnut Springs Middle School in partnership with the Columbus Astronomical Society (one of our first Starry Night partnerships!). Stay tuned for more on this one!


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