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Crossing Borders – Join us on Sept 30!


Westerville Crossing Borders presents The Columbus Crossing Borders Project in conjunction with Westerville Community Culture Day.

While millions of people are fleeing war, terror and persecution, 34 artists and a film crew have embarked on a mission to inspire understanding, compassion and support. This effort, called The Columbus Crossing Borders Project, includes a 50 minute documentary and the works of 34 artists responding to stories shared by refugees in our community. Experience and feel the stories of our neighbors.

Join more than 20 Westerville and Columbus community organizations for this free event to share, discuss and celebrate the richness of our diverse community.

To view additional images from the project and documentary trailers click here:

To help fund teacher-driven programs that allow students to experience and engage with this project please consider a tax-deductible contribution:

Westerville Crossing Borders is:
Westerville Education Challenge
Westerville Education Foundation
Westerville Parent Council
Westerville Partners for Education

The Westerville City School district is the 3rd most diverse school district in Central Ohio and the 11th most diverse in the state of Ohio. There are 51 native languages spoken by our Westerville students and 57 different countries represented. The goal of Westerville Crossing Borders to create awareness, understanding, appreciation and connection around the diversity in our schools.

If you liked Starry Night, come join us!

Starry Night and the other WPE events and programs are fun and rewarding to participate in.  They are even more fun and rewarding to help make happen.  Join us, so we can continue to provide our community, students and families opportunities to learn and share their interests and expertise. We are looking for enthusiastic, energetic, project-minded people interested in partnering with the community and schools.

Here is a sample of a citizen science project you can also try now! CommunityTreeCollection

Starry Night Reminder 2



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