North Starry Night 2015

Starry Night

We’re excited to announce that we’re mixing it up for Starry Night 2015! We’re having the event on April 11 a SATURDAY from 2-6pm. So mark your calendars now! AND we’re moving to North High School this year! It’s our North Starry Night.

Having the event on Saturday will allow our guests, exhibitors, and volunteers to feel more leisurely about their late afternoon and evening with us, instead of rushing back home to prepare for schoodownload (4)l and work the next morning. Moving our location from South to North was a decision we debated extensively. South has been a great home for Starry Night for the past two years-their custodial staff, in particular deserves a special shout out, but the layout of South sometimes challenges our event. We struggled to get our guests through the whole event from one wide end to the other. North’s layout is more centralized, and North provides the event with ample parking. It’s also pretty easy to explain to people how to get to North (once you get past the idea that North isn’t the high school in the north, that’s actually Central issue, which kind of blew me away when we first moved here…).

Our Starry Night Planning Team begins meeting at the end of September, and we’d love to have new ideas and more help. Contact Amy to be added to the contact list for that Team! (

And remember, Saturday, April 11, from 2-6pm at NORTH High School. It’s going to be FANTASTIC. 


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