1 in 4 Americans thinks the sun rotates around the Earth



I read about the National Science Foundation survey last month, but it’s been stunning me ever since. 1 in 4 Americans thinks the sun revolves around the Earth? How can that be?

It boggles my mind.


While it is alarming that so many adults in America lack a basic understanding of science, what sticks with me longer is drive to help ensure the growing generation of young minds have access to accurate information about the world and critical thinking skills. Ensuring children in Westerville have access to a high quality education is at the heart of our mission and motivates us to put on events like Starry Night and Books for Break.

I know this dedication to educating our youngest citizens is an important reason our sponsors, partners and volunteers feel so passionately about what we do and contribute their money, time and energy.

With the help of over 200 individuals like you, we’re helping ensure that no child in Westerville thinks that the sun revolves around the Earth.

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Amy Raubenolt

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