My morning of feeling really grateful: RSFi Furniture and Westerville Sunrise Rotary!

Last night was an exciting night for us! We found out that RSFi will be returning to Starry Night as a $200 sponsor! Woo Hoo!! AND we learned that the Westerville Sunrise Rotary had granted us $250 for Starry Night! So exciting!!


We heard the news about these amazing sponsorships during our planning meeting and it was an exciting moment-to be placing exhibits and food trucks and raffle tables on the giant map of our event space, and thinking about the flow of families through the space, and envisioning where people would want to sit to eat, and how we would get power to the MyVet exhibit, and Logo-Sunrise Rotary (1)positioning the Camera Obscura for natural light, and choosing the t-shirt for the volunteers to wear that day, and showing the team the beautiful event poster (which will debut on Thursday!)…and we get word from these sponsors. We get word that more organizations, more businesses, more people want this to happen and are sending their money to make sure that it does. And it is an amazing feeling. To be in a community like this. To work alongside people like this. To plan a thing like this.

So thank you. RSFi Furniture. And Westerville Sunrise Rotary. And all our amazing sponsors. And all our incredibe exhibitors. And the Starry Night team. And all the volunteers. And the excited teachers and administrators and students and parents who ask me about it all the time and tell me they can’t wait to come to it. And thank you, Westerville, for embracing this event. I’m just feeling beyond grateful today.


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