WeConnect is Awesome.

So we at WPE know that WeConnect is awesome. They sponsored Starry Night last year (at the Saturn level!) when it was just a crazy idea on a sugar rush.  And they sponsored it this year again-at the Saturn level. And they came the event last year to hand out frisbees and talk to families and just be generally super nice folks who were excited about the event. And we are thrilled to hear they will be back at Starry Night again because they are great people and we really love that they choose to support our event, education in the community, and what we do with Starry Night.

But what IS WeConnect? I wanted to help explain (and because, well, I looked it up and wanted to share…)


WeConnect is a Community Data Center here in Westerville. A carrier-neutral facility that offers an array of world-class services designed to help local businesses grow. The Center offers technological services to residents, businesses, institutions, and government agencies that helps secure economic strength and development in the area.

I read about it being described as a “data hotel” and that helped me grasp it. It’s a pretty interesting public/private partnership in which the City owns the data center infrastructure, while Data Recovery Services (DRS), a regional provider of data center design and services, manages operations at the Center. showimage

WeConnect delivers the latest cutting edge technologies and services to the business community, stuff like (access to city-wide fiber-optic network, cloud computing, and disaster recovery services). This makes these services available to businesses that might not otherwise be able to afford them. They can rent space in this data hotel instead. It’s a really innovative solution that makes Westerville a very attractive place for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s pretty exciting. So yeah. WeConnect is awesome.

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