Thank you OBIC!!

obic-logoA huge thank you to the Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center for their generous donation of $250 and for their support of Starry Night 2014! We’re so excited about working with them on this year’s theme and hope they can help us implement some best practices to reduce waste, increase awareness, and help make Starry Night a more environmentally conscious and forward-thinking event model-not just in the exhibits we bring in, but in our own event planning process-going forward every year.

OBIC is really a center of fantastic innovation here in Central Ohio. The OBIC Bioproducts Innovation Center (OBIC) this a research initiative that integrates academia and industry toward the development of renewable specialty chemicals, polymers/plastics and advanced materials. They work with businesses and organizations to nurture sustainable bioproduct technologies. It’s really exciting stuff and when I met with Dustin Homen, from OBIC, it was thrilling to hear about some of the projects they are working on in collaboration with Team Gemini and SWACO other businesses in the area. OBIC also offers teacher workshops and lesson plans to help information about bioproduct innovation into our classrooms and they are developing a mobile classroom bus that will enable them to be even more agile about outreach and education. 

Thrilled to have them with us in this! Thank you, OBIC!!

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