I’m thrilled to announce this year’s Starry Night theme!

Starry Night 2014: The world is in your hands.

This year’s event will embrace a sustainability, conservation and nature theme! We’ll still have all the amazing exhibits from a wide spectrum of disciplines you love (robotics, music, drama, art, meteorology, astronomy, etc.), but we’ve lined up some additional exhibitors in this theme and we are also working with our partners to add some best practices into our event that will make Starry Night a more ecologically responsible event moving forward. I’m super excited about all this. Having Dawes Arboretum, Ohio Bioproducts Innovation, Green Columbus, Audubon Young Birder’s, Inniswood, Ohio Wildlife and and more gives our students the opportunity not only to experience nature, but to see how organizations are tackling some of those problems with real-world solutions.

But, let me tell you why I, personally, love this theme. Ours is a hands-on event. At its heart, Starry Night is a dream to provide free, hands-on interactive learning opportunities for students. Not just to provide those opportunities. But to get students thinking, dreaming and building. The shape of our world and our future is in the hands of these students. What they learn, what solutions they develop, what they design, what partnerships they build, what they write, what vision they create, what businesses they start…and I get really excited about that. Really excited.

Not every exhibit at Starry Night speaks to every kid. And that’s okay. But by putting a whole host of amazing under one roof for four hours, I hope that students will find a few things that they absolutely love, or maybe even one thing that they just can’t stop thinking about for the next couple of weeks. Or maybe another thing that they think about when they learn about it in class a month later. Or a year later. That their hands-on experiences at Starry Night inspire them to build, create, dream, create, design, think, and generally feel inspired and trusted as our collaborators in what the world will be like in the future. Our world needs sustainability solutions, needs an eye to conservation and to preserving our natural resources, but those solutions aren’t simple. We need innovation, we need critical thinkers with creative, beautiful design, perhaps built from fantastic collaboration, but we need also feasible, real-world solutions that work in today’s global economy too.

I’m not naive enough to think that we are teaching our students to save the world.

I think they will teach us how to do it. 

So yeah, I love this theme.

-Amy Raubenolt


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