Affirm a Child: Be A Volunteer!

When did you last stand outside a classroom door and just absorb the sounds of learning?  What you are hearing and feeling is the life blood of a school system. Forget all the other issues raised about the operation of a school district. Those issues pale in comparison to the importance of integrating children into a community of learners, who, in turn, teach each other and hone their teachers.

Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner, Professor Emeritus, Carnegie Mellon University, taught us that, if just one adult feels a compelling, irrational attachment to a child, that child will turn out OK. Physical attributes don’t matter. Gender and age don’t matter. Ethnicity, brains, athletic ability – don’t matter. That child is affirmed by that adult just because he exists.

It stands to reason that some of these life-changing affirmations could occur at school. And the odds of every student being affirmed by one intentional adult school employee in 13 years of exposure are fair. Westerville Partners in Education want to up those odds, significantly!

The goals of Westerville Partners in Education are simple and clear:

  1. Add qualified volunteers to classrooms to help maximize the teacher’s expertise.
  2. Extend the resources available to every child through community connections.
  3. Increase the odds for each student to be affirmed by a caring adult.

Interested in getting involved with our new Star Volunteer Team? Just click on the VOLUNTEER tab on the website and sign up. We’ll take you through the process and help you find a good fit with your needs and interests. blue_star_left_w640

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